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of state, john kerry is expected to travel to ukraine this tuesday to meet with government officials there. this comes after russian forces moved in to part of ukraine, trying to keep the former soviet republic under the influence of the russian go. . the u.s. believes that russia now has complete control of the peninsula, a pro russian part of the ukraine. back in the bay area, ukrainians and others protested outside the russian consulate. they want russia to withdraw and oth others prayed for peace. >> the ukrainians, would like to live free. >> the u.s. and six other nations have stopped preparing for the g-8 summit that will be hosted by russia in june. the country said russia's advance in to ukraine violates the principals and values of the g-8. >> the san francisco supervisor will unveil a measure tomorrow the that will put restrictions on the use and sale of the e-cigarette s in the city. it will prohibit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere that cigarettes are prohibited. a first hearing on the bill will be heard on thursday. they are not regulared by the fda. >> a 95-year-old world wa
intimidation. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute 0ukraine activist killed in last month revolutio revolution. then met with leaders of the new pro western government. from moscow russian president putin called the new regime illegitimate and liken u.s. support to rung experiment on rat. as for the russian speaking soldiers now in full control of parts of southern ukraine, putin claimed they are not his. >> really deny there were troops there. russia has been working hard to create a pre-text for being able to invade further. >>reporter: the white house calls that possibility a glaring red line. that russia already meddling in ukraine against international law. >> facts on the ground indicate right now he's not abiding bye-bye that principal. >>reporter: putin says he has no immediate plans to use military force inside ukraine. slight change in tone that triggered a regional sigh of relief. market around the world rallied on the news giving wall street its best day all year. but then seemingly provocative move. russia fired intercontinental ballistic missile part of prev
secretary of state kerry is racing to the region, making sure they hold their fire because the russian military would likely crush any resistance from ukrainian forces. >> it's essentially a generation behind in terms of the quality and advancement of its technology. >> reporter: russia's got 845,000 uniformed troops. ukraine, just 130,000. they're spread throughout the country, and some are pro-russian who may defect. and russia's got twice as many tanks. six times as many aircraft. ten times as many ships. ukrainian troops in crimea remain bottled up in their bases by russian soldier, and as we saw, by fiercely pro-russian crimean crowd. they stopped us from talking to the trapped ukrainian marines inside the base, and they angrily forced us to turn back, providing a jeering escort all the way. [ bleep ] >> reporter: everyone is on edge here. no one knows what tomorrow may bring except, perhaps, vladimir putin. terry moran, abc news, ukraine. >>> stocks had the biggest drop in a month because of rising tensions in ukraine and the threat of sanctions against russia by western governme
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3